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Fire Cupping

Many practitioners combine acupuncture with fire cupping, a long respected alternative treatment. Chinese medicine experts have employed this highly effective technique for more than 2,000 years. It involves the use of a warm glass. To produce the necessary heat, a cotton ball can be soaked with alcohol and burned inside of the cup.

After a flame warms the glass, an acupuncturist quickly places it on the patient’s skin. The fire has consumed the oxygen, so a vacuum is created. This suction causes it to pull on the skin and remain in place without pressure. The patient’s body reacts by increasing blood circulation and enhancing energy flow in the treated area.

Fire cupping treatment has a number of potential benefits. It can eliminate respiratory health problems by improving a person’s ability to breathe. This process may also enhance digestion or reduce pain in the targeted area. Patients normally experience little or no discomfort.