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Intradermal Needles

Intradermal needles are an important component of modern acupuncture practices.

Intradermal needles, sometimes called buried needles, are very short and made of thin stainless steel wires. They are inserted about 1.5 millimeters underneath the skin at a slight angle. An acupuncturist then secures the intradermal needle to the skin with waterproof medical tape. When they are properly inserted, a patient should not feel them—even if the insertion area moves or is touched. These needles can be left under the skin for up to a week as they provide continuous treatment.

Acupuncture therapy using intradermal needles has been shown to greatly improve muscle soreness, various localized pain, as well as lethargy. Due to their small size, intradermal needles are also ideal for insertion to many acupuncture points found within the outer ear that are known to alleviate pain throughout the body—from the top of the head to the kidneys, esophagus, and the tips of the toes.